01 March 2009

I finally got my new calculator sorted out enough that I was able to finish the assignment and take my quiz. So I've got that going for me at least. I had a little time and worked on making the five Space Marines I painted in yellow trim match the rest of my Space Marines. They still need a couple of highlights, but nothing too drastic. You can see the before and after shots below.

I've still got a bunch of homework to do in the next two weeks. It's going to be a miracle if I get it all done. Luckily I built in a couple of days at the end of my schedule to give me some space, but it's still going to be pretty tough to squeeze it all in there. After Spring Break things should slow down a little bit, especially if I use that time to get ahead. I guess that's about it as far as news. I've got five more Space Marines and I did some homework.

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