23 March 2009

Today I finished up some highlighting and detailing on a few Space Marines and covered them in gloss coat. I didn't get much time for hobbies as the wife and I went around looking at some houses today. We're not sure if we'll wind up getting a house, but we've been watching the listings and thinking about it. Back to the Space Marines, I just remembered that I'd meant to drill out the barrels of their bolters, so I took a quick break to do that. One of them split in the process, so I stuck it back together with some glue and will hopefully be able to make it look okay tomorrow. I've still got twelve infantry and a vehicle to paint before these guys hit 750 points, but I'm not feeling much pressure to make progress. I think E. A. is regretting his decision to try the Tau out and so he hasn't been painting his figures at all. He's pretty excited about the Star Fleet Battles thing too, so I'm pretty free at the moment to go at my own pace with the Warhammer 40k stuff.

Tomorrow I have to start in on my homework and get caught back up on school. Maybe I'll sneak in a little time to assemble some figures or move some paint around.

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