25 February 2009

It's nearly midnight so this is going to be a quick one. I had a splitting headache all day today, so I took a nap after work and had to scramble this evening to get some schoolwork done. I think the headache is caused by lack of sleep and quite possibly stress; it's rather a given that my head is going to hurt all day every day. Most days it's tolerable, though. I have to admit that I sort of mailed it in on this week's Anthropology essay just to get it turned in and not have to deal with it anymore.

I had a bit of a nostalgic moment today. I was looking at the Marketplace listings on The Miniatures Page, and one of the postings there was for a bunch of various auctions. I went to the guy's auction page and noticed that the Sisters of Battle Immolator looked quite familiar. Upon further inspection I realized that it is indeed the vehicle I'd partially painted and traded away along with the rest of my Battle Sisters. I briefly considered bringing it back home, but I wouldn't do a Witch Hunters force unless the majority of the Battle Sister squads were re-released in plastic kits with some more variety in the sculpts. I like the army's fluff, but the fact that it's mostly only available in metal kits is cost-prohibitive and all of the squads wind up looking the same. I'm just spoiled by the ease of customization found in the Space Marines, Orks, and Imperial Guard plastic figures, I suppose. Still, it was a nice little moment of recognition to see "my" Immolator again. Hopefully someone who can use it will find it and add it to their collection.

I got the Field of Glory expansion book Wolves from the Sea today in the mail. I ordered it in conjunction with my Civil War book to get the free shipping. Amazon has that free shipping thing down. I always order something extra to get the free shipping, then I wind up adding something for the wife and by the time I've saved $4 for shipping I've spent another $35 on books, resulting in a savings of -$31. Anyway, about the book. It is pretty much an accumulation of army lists. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but in flipping through it I realized that it seems to take a lot of bases full of figures to form the recommended starter armies and that might get cost-prohibitive rather quickly. It may be somewhat less so in 15mm, but I have plenty of other projects in line before Field of Glory. I will give it a read-through again as it gives a brief overview of each army and there are a couple of quick battle overviews in there, but I don't see myself getting on that boat anytime soon. I'll stick with small WAB warbands and expand those as I can get around to it.

Our dogs pass gas a lot. The lab especially is foul. The Basset Hound has awful breath and likes to absorb smells from the environment. The lab just has a rotten digestive tract. She sleeps at the end of the hall and farts in her sleep. The smell is so potent that it drifts all the way into the other rooms of the house and injures everyone with a functioning nose. I am not sure why we own dogs; I suppose it's because having pets is linked to increased immunities in children.

I've been feeling an urge to put together a couple of CAV mechs and/or vehicles and try my hand at painting them but haven't got around to it. I don't have this model, but I like it because of the obvious homage to the A-10. I am a sucker for American equipment, especially the ugly stuff. My CAV collection is composed of a big lot that I bought from someone else a couple of years ago, so it doesn't really contain all of the figures I want, but it's a start. It's interesting to see what other people collect and how it differs from what I personally would do.

It's very nearly time to pull the truck forward in the driveway and start parking the motorcycle behind. I'm looking forward to it, but some days riding the bike seems like work. Once I get going it's always a blast, though. And the gas savings are nice, especially since I have to justify all of the other costs of bike ownership somehow.

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