24 February 2009

I should be giving myself a haircut right now, but I am not feeling like going through the whole ritual of cutting my hair, cleaning it all up and taking a shower. So my hair will have to wait until tomorrow. I am mostly finished with this week's anthropology paper, which is a good thing. My EDTECH class shouldn't be too difficult this week. I am behind on my math homework and I really need to catchup on my history reading. So overall I am doing a little better than I have been in previous semesters, but I am not sure how I'm going to keep up this pace. My math class is the one that really bothers me, as I've already failed this class a couple of times and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. It's the same mental block that I have when trying to sort out game rules or build an RPG character. I have difficulty with concrete systems and the interactions of numbers. It's a pretty big roadblock as far as getting through any sort of degree program. History is not too bothersome as the material is somewhat familiar. I need to do a little more reading for the class, but I should be able to get that taken care of. So far my grades are all high A's aside from math, which is squarely in the middle of the C range. I think I need to take some time before the next test and just relearn the whole of the first several sections all over again. I don't want to bore most of my readers with the sepcifics of my college career but sometimes writing it out helps me to sort it in my mind, and there are probably one or two family memebers interested in how my school is going.

I think it may be time for another miniatures inventory. In light of the wife getting laid off from her job soon and the tight budget that will force upon us, I am not planning on making any purchases for a while. I have plenty of figures to keep me busy until we get some more flexibility in our funding, and pretty much everything I want is still going to be around when I get around to it. The good thing about not buying miniatures is that you can still window-shop all you want. I did up some of the math today and for almost exactly the same price as one 1500-point Viking army from Foundry I could get the Polemos ACW rules (two sets of rules in one!), USA and CSA starter armies, the Shieldwall book for Warhammer Ancient Battles, and two ~750-point Warhammer Ancient Battles armies from Gripping Beast (Vikings and Saxons). That's a lot of stuff and something to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. Other stuff on the wish list are the Ork Stompa model, a Shadowsword/Stormlord kit, new Imperial Guard releases to include the Valkyrie, probably some new Skaven stuff at the end of the year, and maybe some scenario books for various historical periods. Skirmish Campaigns just updated their website with a PDF adapting their generic troop ratings to the Flames of War system.

The book by Scott Mingus arrived today in the mail; I have flipped through it and have formed a couple of impressions. First is that the American Civil War was pretty brutal. Second is that I would probably get more out of the book by also reading a general history of the action at Antietam so that I can mentally place the anecdotes from this book into their context in the historical and military situation.

And that's about it. I am hoping to find a couple hours this weekend for putting paint on my Scouts, but I think my time might be better spent learning Math and/or studying American History.


  1. I'm interested in your college career. :) Math was always hard for me all through high school. English was my strong subject. But when I got into college something in me totally changed and Math became one of my favorite subjects and I started to dread English. Weird huh? Good luck with your classes though. One C won't kill you, and it's still passing, right?

  2. "Landscape turned Red" = good book on Antietam.

  3. Jamie - I still dislike Math and English has gone a bit downhill since the old high school days. At least my English skills have made it easier to write my papers.

    El Grego - I've heard that's a good book. I'll try to check it out someday.