09 February 2009

I have not found any more time to get any painting done. This weekend I had to go play soldier with the National Guard and today I spent the entire day trying to get through my math homework. I am terrible at math. That surprises some people because nerds are stereotypically supposed to be pretty good at math but once I start seeing roots and fractional exponents my mind runs away, screaming in horror and pain at the task I have asked of it. I actually did have two hours of painting time set aside for today, but I had to run to the bank and then got stuck on one math problem for 1 1/2 hours and decided that between those two events I had probably used up my painting time. I am nearly where I wanted to be for today, although I get to start in on imaginary numbers tomorrow. That should be a joke. I really only want to pass this class with a C, but it's going to take some real effort and time just to do that. But enough about math and schoolwork.

I've momentarily decided to put the Imperial Guard on the far back burner as the new Codex being released in May is supposed to be full of changes, to the point that the army may not even be recognizable. I've got a metric buttload of Catachan Jungle fighters who can form the core of a Guard force, but I don't have much in the way of special troops, officers, vehicles, and heavy weapon teams. I have also put myself on a bit of a probation for acquiring most anything in the way of miniatures. I have got enough figures to build playable armies for Space Marines, Orks, Orcs & Goblins, two or three Lord of the Rings factions, two very large Mordheim warbands., and I believe two DBA armies that never got off the ground Then there are the odds and ends and incomplete armies like the aforementioned Imperial Guard with Baneblade, random Lord of the Rings stuff, Reaper Warlord and CAV figures, some Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown, additions for my Skaven, a handful of Foundry pirates, and portions of two Flames of War armies. It's kind of depressing to think about all those figures and all the projects I'd like to work on if I had some time and put in some effort. So in conjunction with a new plan to improve our living situation I will be scaling any purchases way back for the near future. Of course I will pick up a few things here and there, but on a more regulated scale. For now the projet is still to get the Space Marines painted to 750 points and then follow that up with 750 points of Orks, then alternate units from those armies until I can field each of them at 1500 points. After that I may try to work in some Orcs & Goblins and/or some Skaven. For now I think I will go to bed, as I've got just about 6 hours until my alarm goes off to wake me up for work.

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