15 February 2009

I don't really have anything new to post about as I don't really do anything anymore, but I feel compelled to post something fairly regularly. I wasn't very active previously but I have definitely become worse. I spent Valentine's Day writing a paper and creating a brochure for the imaginary parents of my imaginary students for the imaginary parent orientation.

My copy of the new White Dwarf showed up yesterday or the day before. I've flipped through it but haven't had time to read any of the articles. It looks like there is a huge 40k Apocalypse battle report featuring 7 or 9 Ork Stompas and a boatload of Imperium forces. There are also several new datasheets for some Stompa variants.

I've been thinking about the American Civil War again, probably because I am going to read a book on the war for my History class book report. I ordered
Human Interest Stories from Antietam by Scott Mingus as my book of choice. If I am not mistaken he is the writer of this blog; the fact that his name is in the url is a bit of a giveaway I suppose. I am so far behind on projects that I dare not think about another project, even if I tell myself it will just be enough units for a small skirmish action. I can't even paint a platoon of Space Marines, so how am I going to get through a couple companies of Union and Confederate soldiers?

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  1. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for buying a copy of my Antietam book! Let me know how you like it.