16 February 2009

My sister had her baby today. That's fairly exciting, I suppose. She and the baby seem to be doing fine.

I pulled out my bin of Reaper CAV miniatures and ran them through an army builder spreadsheet from the Reaper forums. It turns out I've got enough figures to build two relatively even forces. I bought the lot of them a couple of years ago, so some of the figures I like and some aren't my favorites from the line. I also don't have any vehicles included in the collection, so I may have to add some tanks and aircraft and whatnot at some point. For now I'll be putting the box back in the closet.

I also spent some time looking at GHQ's 10mm American Civil War figures and their rules for the figures. They've got a few historical scenarios posted for download on the website as well. It is an interesting thought, but it would cost about $100 up front to get into, and I'd really probably need more cavalry than those included in the starter sets. Maybe for my birthday. In addition I inspected the Perry website and looked at their 28mm ACW plastic figures, which have been quite a hit over on The Miniatures Page. They are a pretty good value, but at 28mm they will be a lot more difficult to paint than the 10mm figures. I also probably couldn't afford to field a very large force of the Perry figures. It's all theoretical at the moment, but 3/4 of the hobby seems to be window shopping and plotting future projects.


  1. I'm still in my infancy at painting, but judging by your other work you should be able to paint up the 10mm well. The key is going to be remembering that the detail doesn't matter like it does on the larger figures, and resisting the urge to put in things no one can see anyway from table height. ;)

  2. I agree that it may be difficult for me to switch scales and get used to the massed effect rather than many individual details like you find on most 25/28/32mm figures.

    Even one of my basic Space Marines uses 18 different paints, and that's if he doesn't have nay special equipment or exposed skin. The Lieutenant I just painted took over 30 different paints to complete.

    For 10mm and the smaller Micro Armour figures I've read that the idea is to hit the major color spots and ensure that your colors are bright enough and contrast enough with each other to be distinguishable at arm's length.

  3. I've been using a 6mm tutorial for painting my 10mm ACW. I'm not even fully through with one set yet, but I think the tutorial applies pretty well.