03 February 2009

I got assigned by my boss to go to a class here in town to see if it's something we should have other folks in the office attend it. I guess at the very least it's a change from the routine of doing the same thing every day, although I was just getting pretty well caught up from the last interruption in my work and now I'll be a week behind again. That's how it goes, I guess. Hopefully next week will be low in distractions and I'll be able to tear through my backlog.

The weather was nice enough today that I will probably ride the motorcycle into town tomorrow. I went out tonight and started it up to make sure there aren't any issues. I have to admit that I really miss riding it. The truck is just so huge and cumbersome that I can't help wishing I were on my bike.

I got absolutely nothing done after work today. I had a headache, so I took a nap. My wife was kind enough to just let me sleep for a while instead of waking me up to work on the paper I was allegedly going to write tonight. I don't know if my gamer's ADD will allow me to even finish the remaining few figures from my Space Marines without first painting some Orks or even some Skaven. I may at least try something simple like a unit of Gretchin.

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