08 December 2008

This was a painful weekend for me in the world of Fantasy Football. I went into the playoffs in the office league ranked in first place, and it wasn't even that close. This week my team had their lowest score since week 4, shaming me by losing to a team that barely got into the playoff and ruining a streak of awesome performances. I'll probably pout and plan my revenge the way until draft time rolls around next year. And that's why Fantasy Football is so frustrating and addictive. Even when you've got a clearly superior team with good matchups, the sample size for scoring from week to week is so small that anything can happen. In the TMP league I got into the playoffs, and right now my team is trailing by a little more than one point. I need DeAngelo Williams to run for 12 yards in the next 5 minutes or I will be knocked out of the playoffs in that league too. Another disappointing Fantasy Football season for me this year. Maybe I'll get a trophy next year. Update: Immediately after I typed the above, DeAngelo Williams rumbled for a 38-yard touchdown, so I will be advancing in the TMP playoffs and am still in contention for a trophy.

Some people know that I am a office supply nerd, especially when it comes to pens. A few weeks ago I was helping a guy with the paperwork for his military move and his wife noticed my double-ended Sharpie markers. She asked me if I knew about Sharpie's new pens. I replied that I had not heard of such a thing. She went on to enumerate the many features of this revolutionary product. Since then I have kept an eye out for them and finally found a seller on eBay. They arrived today and I have to admit that I like them. They will probably replace my double-ended markers for most purposes.

I cleaned my desk off tonight. That means my painting area is somewhat clear. That doesn't necessarily mean that any painting will happen in my painting area, but it's cleared off. I don't have much else to post about. It would be nice to get out of my painting funk, but I don't now if it will happen anytime soon. My schedule is looking to ramp up a lot more in the near future with school starting and various military training that I get to participate in over the next year. I've got most of the core elements for an American Infantry Company for Flames of War, so maybe I'll take a break from fantasy and sci-fi and do something historical. I broke down and purchased a few of the Citadel Foundation paints with the idea that my fantasy Orcs will continue being painted in the traditional green triad while the Orks will get their skin painted in the new green triad.

I nearly forgot some exciting news. When I made my Black Friday order from The Warstore I remembered to order a Zed figure, which honors Sean Connery's character in the classic film Zardoz. From what I hear the movie is quite terrible, but Zed has become sort of a cult celebrity among the TMP crowd.


  1. I know what you mean about Fantasy football. I'm a two times winner of my division but never got further than the first playoff game. and yet we come back for more each year!

  2. What *is* he wearing????! Do you think he looks back with fondness on the role and especially the costume??? :o))

  3. Ewww, he looks gross!