21 December 2008

It was an interesting season in Fantasy Football for me. Three of my four teams had a really good chance to come away with a trophy going into the playoffs. My team in the office league went into the playoffs ranked first but went on to lose all three playoff games and drop from the first seed to an eighth-place finish. My team in the TMP League made it into the third-place game and won tonight under the power of four touchdowns by DeAngelo Williams. A public league team also made it into the third-place game and as long as Aaron Rodgers has a decent day tomorrow I'll finish the season with two third-place trophies. I have championships in every other fantasy sport, but a gold trophy for football still eludes me. I guess there's always next season.

I've been trying to find a good D & D character sheet that auto-fills and does all the math for you. I thought I'd found one today, but it falls short when it comes to calculating Armor Class and I don't particularly like the way it covers listing the various abilities. It looks like the Wizards of the Coast site has a beta for a character builder, so I may have to try that out. Of course once their Insider program kicks off they'll want a subscription fee for access to it.

I think that my friend (the same dude whose home we played D & D in) is interested in playing 40k. We are tentatively going to visit Hobbytown this week so I can show him what they've got. I've been putting together some of my Space Marine squads in anticipation of getting something painted up so we can have a game. He mentioned a passing interest in Orks, but the army he used to play was Eldar and he was pretty interested in the Tau after I described them to him. That works out for me, as I have no real interest in Eldar or Tau. Hopefully we can get a game in sometime next year. I'm going to try building and painting a couple of 750-point armies to start with. For the Space Marines that's only 26 infantry and one vehicle. I imagine my Ork list will be somewhat larger.

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