11 December 2008

Tonight I had a spare hour or so and fiddled around a bit with an M10 Tank Destroyer; just cleaning up the casting and test-fitting the parts. I need to acquire some tongue depressors or craft sticks to glue my infantry to. I've heard that smaller figures paint up well when glued in sticks of ten or so. The craft stick gives you a handle to hold onto, and you can paint the figures in an assembly line if you line them up on the stick.

I've also been trying to decide how to arm my Assault Marine Sergeant. I like the picture on the front of the box of a Sergeant with a Storm Shield and a power fist, but the point cost for that weapon combination seems a bit excessive. I'm not sure it's worth it to kit out a lowly Assault Squad Sergeant with all that stuff. That power axe on the sprue is a pretty nifty bit as well. We'll see.

The Fantasy Football week started today with the New Orleans-Chicago game. I didn't have any players in the game, but two of my three playoff teams were facing teams with Matt Forte on their rosters. He failed to match projections which works out in my favor. Chicago won in overtime, which should make the Grimsby Mariner pretty happy. As I recall he is a Chicago fan.

Not much else to report. There is a pretty big snowstorm supposed to hit tomorrow and last into Saturday, so I probably won't be riding my motorcycle in to work. People ask me how I can ride in the cold, but the truth is that riding my bike is generally warmer than driving the car. My jacket and gloves heat up immediately while the car's heater doesn't usually come into it's own until I'm halfway to work. But if there's going to be snow and wind then four wheels will serve me better than two.

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  1. you're quite right I am a happy Chicago Bears fan this morning. got nervous when we threw away a 21-7 lead and it certainly wasn't pretty - where did the Saints get a defense from?