14 December 2008

Today we had dinner at the home the only couple we really ever hang out with. Apparently the husband played Warhammer 40k every week at some point in the past. He played Eldar, which I suppose is something I can look past. After dinner we played Carcassonne, which turned out to be a fairly fun game. I think that if we played it a few more times it would be easier to grasp the strategy of the game and score more points. There were times when I had all of my counters tied up in unproductive parts of the board and missed out on opportunities.

After that the ladyfolk retired to the living room to do whatever it is they do and we tried out the World of Warcraft TCG. We didn't get to finish the game as we had to go home, so that will have to wait until next time.

Now that I know he is a prior wargamer I may have to take my Skaven over to show them off. He doesn't have his Eldar anymore, so it would be nice if I had a couple of opposing armies to pit against each other. Unfortunately I don't have anything really completed for 40k at the moment. I wonder if he would be interested in Mordheim. I could probably paint up a couple of warbands in fairly short order, assuming I ever decide to get off my duff and actually work on some figures.

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