05 October 2008

Still not much going on hobbywise, although I did paint a little bit on the unit of Orcs I started several months ago. I'm hoping that by the end of my weekend I'll be able to finish them off and work on something else that I'm actually excited about.

My airbrush arrived in the mail a couple of days ago but the compressor for it is still en route. The airbrush came in a fancy little case with all sorts of nozzles and bottles and whatnot, as well as a couple of instructional DVDs. Hopefully I can get it figured out and gain some sweet airbrushing skills.

Hobbytown got a bunch of the new Space Marines stuff in, which was pretty neat. I didn't actually buy any of the new stuff, but the old Land Speeder Tornado was on clearance for 50% of retail. The only difference between the old one and the new one is that the old one only allows you to build the Tornado variant while the new kit has parts for both the Tornado and Typhoon variants. I like the Tornado version better anyway, so I'll take a 50% discount when I can get it.

We spent some time out at my parents' farm today, which was nice. They have some little pigs and baby cows. Our dogs had a good time out there, especially Buddy. Annie is a little too needy to enjoy being outside away from all the people for extended periods of time. Buddy is too busy barking and eating terrible things in the field to care much that we're not around.

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  1. Hey that's a sweet kit! I have a funny feeling when I look at the picture of it... oh, it's jealousy.