23 October 2008

Not much to talk about tonight, as I haven't been up to much on the hobby side of things this week. Yesterday was the one day I really had some time to paint, but around 5:30 I fell asleep and really only woke up in time to go back to bed again.

Today we went out and bought a freezer that we've been talking about for several months. The freezer on top of our fridge just doesn't cut it for us, so we finally decided to get a new one. I don't shop at Home Depot too often, and I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that they don't offer a military discount anymore. I find it interesting that Home Depot doesn't offer a military discount, but Hot Topic does. We changed the dogs' food for another brand, and it didn't agree with Buddy very much. On Tuesday we woke up to find the living room covered in a poo-splosion. And again when we got home from work. This time we ordered a carpet steam cleaner, as the damage is somewhat extensive. We could've rented a machine, but my sister and her husband rented one a while back and it wound up costing them the same as buying one anyway. It should arrive tomorrow, so we can clean all through the weekend. Appliances aren't the most exciting things in the world to buy, but sometimes you've got to buy something besides toys.

I also bought a Turtle Fur Shellaclava, which will hopefully keep my neck and chin warm while riding my bike. To keep to the theme, Cycle Gear offers a military discount. They also have a winter-oriented jacket on clearance that will be an additional 20% off this weekend. I am considering purchasing it, as the morning ride just keeps getting colder. Soon I'll look like Randy from the movie A Christmas Story; heaven help me if I ever fall down while wearing my winter riding gear.

Speaking of A Christmas Story, the first time I watched that movie I went out in the back yard to play with the dog, and would up experimenting to see if my tongue really would stick to a cold pole. It did, and I was stuck out there for a good ten or fifteen minutes before my Dad saw me through the kitchen window.


  1. Ha ha. And ewwww, you are going to be a great dad!