14 October 2008

I've been slowly working away on the Terminators. Not much more to show, although I'm about done with the basecoat for the metallic parts. Not much else to say about them. I was a little unsure about my paint scheme, but as I fill in the details it's looking better to me.

I was able to get my heated motorcycle gear hooked up for this morning's commute. On the negative side, it's pretty difficult to get the stuff on and hooked up, as the gloves are fairly bulky and the plugs are difficult to get connected and tucked back into the jacket sleeves. And you'd better have your key out of your pocket and your helmet on before you put them on, as if you don't you'll have to take off the glove, which will then pull the wire out of the sleeve and make you do it all over again. The bulkiness of the gloves also makes the controls a little more difficult to manipulate, but not so much so as to make it feel unsafe to ride. Just different.

On the plus side, the gear is plenty warm. In fact, I had the temperature control for the gloves turned up too much and I thought they were going to burn me until I got on the freeway and the wind started to draw some of the heat off. The jacket was not as noticeably warm, but still took all the bite out of the cold. The gear heats up fast, too, not like a heater in a car that takes half the commute to get warm. I think it was definitely worth the money and should keep me on two wheels for several more weeks or until the snow and ice hit.

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