09 October 2008

The compressor for my airbrush arrived, which was a relief. The seller had received some feedback recently to the effect that if they didn't feel like the item sold for enough on eBay, they just wouldn't ship the item. Since I got the compressor at the seller's starting price while a few compressors of the same model had just sold for quite a bit more I got nervous after feedback for other items that sold on the same day started appearing on their profile. My second concern was that it would be somehow incomplete, as the seller stated they were a pawn shop and that the auction contained whatever parts they had. I'm compared the pictures in the auction with stock photos and it looked like everything was there, but I couldn't be sure until it arrived. I hooked it up and tested everything out, and everything appears to be working correctly.

Tonight I put the DVD that came with the airbrush in to see what it had to say. Mostly it showed a lot of late 80s-early 90s hair and clothes. I think there was also a sweet airbrushed jacket with a Southwestern theme. I'll probably have to find a book or DVD that focuses more on painting models.

The temperatures dropped a lot last night, and the ride in to work was terrible. I couldn't feel my fingers by the time I got there, and the rest of me was pretty cold too. So I ordered my heated jacket liner and gloves; they should be here on Monday. I'll probably wind up buying some heated pants as well once the temperatures drop even more. They work by running some wires from the battery to a plug that attaches to a temperature-control unit, which in turn has a few connectors that attach to heating elements in the clothing. I sprung for the dual-controller, which will let you adjust the temperature of each item of clothing individually. You can also attach the gloves to the jacket in one circuit and pants and socks in a series on the other. The ones I bought got good reviews, so we'll see how they work out for me.

As usual I haven't got anything hobby-related done the last couple of days. Today we had to run errands and get the wife's phone fixed; hopefully this time for good. Our warranty runs out next week, so of course her phone has been going haywire lately. We've replaced the phone and the charger, so really all that's left to replace is the battery. Yesterday we were both so tired that we went to bed at seven and slept straight through the night except for an hour or so when we woke up and ate dinner. I imagine we'll be even more tired after the baby decides to pop out and demand full attention.


  1. Heh. We're a couple of pretty exciting people, aren't we?

  2. i'm glad you're getting gloves. mike always complained about his hands getting cold and sometimes numb from the bike vibrations.

    yes, be prepared to be tired when the baby comes. it will get better though....like around their 1st birthday and they aren't eating in the middle of the night anymore and actually sleep more than 3 hours at a time. you guys will get through it fine.