24 July 2007

Well, I finished painting up the one barmaid, but the other one looks so bad that I may dunk her in some Simple Green and start over. This one looks pretty bad too, but not so bad that it'd be worth stripping the paint off and starting over. Besides, I'd like to run my tavern brawl game sometime this year. In the meantime, I'm working on another Rat Ogre for my Skaven and slowly assembling a unit of Warhammer Orcs.

In other news, we went to the pet store to get a rat to feed to our snake, and we ended up getting an addition for Herbert's cage. It's basically a big wire box with three levels and some ramps that clamps down over the top of a ten-gallon aquarium. We were going to get another rat to keep Herbert company, but all three pet stores we went to either had male rats only or no rats at all. Herbert will have to wait on getting a friend until Wednesday or Thursday when more rats come in.

I suppose it's a little strange for us to have some rats for feeding and some rats as pets, but Herbert is practically a family member now, as well as being a bit large for our snake to eat without trouble. I'm working on getting her to trust me enough that she can run around on my desk every day. I can't let her run too free because our Basset Hound wants to eat her. When we put her new cage addition on the aquarium, he stood by my desk whining for me to let her out so he could eat her.

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