11 July 2007

Pirates Based

I finally got around to finishing off the bases for my pirate miniatures. I started out just using the white sand, but that was extremely boring. So I added some stuff on top of the sand and I think the bases look pretty good now. I don't know how accurate they are for the beaches of the Caribbean, but I'm not really going for historical accuracy here anyway. I thought about doing some sort of wooden planking for the bases, but that seemed difficult to pull off. I plan on running scenarios both indoors and outside, so either way I'm going to end up with minis whose bases look out of place half the time. For my first scenario I just have to paint my tavern employees and build the tavern itself. It shouldn't be too difficult, it's just a matter of assembling the materials and making time to work on it. For now I'm going to set the pirates aside and work on finishing up my Skaven army.

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