11 July 2007

I have been slowly working on the last figure I need for my 2250-point Skaven army. The reason for my slow progress is that I've spent most of my time daydreaming about all the miniatures projects I want to do in the future. I wrote them all out on a piece of paper, but I lose papers all the time, so maybe a blog post is in order, as it's somewhat difficult to lose one of those. They are somewhat in order of priority near the top of the list, but in the middle and end parts of the list it is whatever I happen to have the motivation and budget for.
  1. 3000-point Skaven army (with some extras)
  2. 3000-point Orcs and Goblins army (probably with extras by the time I'm done with it)
  3. 28mm Pirates, along with Tavern employees, the Governor's troops, the Governor and his daughter (for kidnapping), and various civilians
  4. Skirmish Campaigns WWII Eastern Front scenarios in 15mm or Micro Armour scale
  5. 28mm Old West
  6. 28mm Gladiators
  7. Super System superheroes, villains, bystanders, and whatever odds and ends I can add to them
  8. Space Marines, not sure on the point size yet
  9. Various figures that catch my eye but have no discernible use for me at the moment. This includes figures from Hasslefree, Impact!, Reaper, GW, and a multitude of other companies. I imagine I can work them into Mordheim warbands or HOTT armies.
  10. Mech combat, probably using Reaper's CAV figures and perhaps their rules as well

It seems like a lot of stuff, but compared to the lists of some Miniatures Page regulars, I am a relative lightweight. I guess I should go to work now, so I may remain among the gainfully employed.

We had some tentative plans to attend the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle with my sister and brother-in-law, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It's a shame, as it looks like an extremely nerdy good time. Maybe next year.

I've decided to let my EVE Online trial account lapse, as I don't feel there is enough gameplay for the money in the game. It seems that you spend most of your time mining asteroids while waiting for your skills to level up, rather than actively working on something exciting.

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