17 July 2007

I didn't do much work on any miniatures this weekend, instead focusing on working out my army lists for various Warhammer armies and then figuring out what I need to purchase to fill out the lists. I still need a few Skaven, a large number of Orcs and Goblins, and quite a few Space Marines. My Witch Hunters Sisters of Battle army is going on the shelf for now as the models are fiddly and I don't enjoy painting them all that much.
I also visited a bunch of non-Games Workshop sites and made a list of figures I would like either for specific projects or just because I like the models. Some of the vendors include Impact!, Foundry, Artizan Designs, Superfigs, Pulp Figures, Newbold World, and Hasslefree Miniatures. I also have a rather lengthy Reaper wish list, and I need to figure out some lists of Micro Armour that I'll need for my WWII project. It's a lot of miniatures, and it should take me several years (perhaps over a decade) to acquire and paint them all. Of course, as time goes on I'll be adding to the list, so hopefully I'll never actually paint my last miniature and risk certain death.
I also discovered a new ruleset to help me use all of the figures on my wish list that don't fit a current project. I found the rules via a link on The Miniatures Page. They are called Song of Blades and Heroes, and for $4 are a pretty good value. The game is a small skirmish-level game with fairly simple rules. I'll probably end up using these rules in place of the Reaper Warlord rules. That way I'll still be able to build up my Warlord armies, but without feeling obligated to follow my army lists so closely. And I can use a whole assortment of barbarian miniatures for another warband option. There are some simple campaign rules for fighting other warbands and building your forces up over the course of several battles. It is designed for 15mm minis, but includes conversions for 28mm measurements.

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