23 January 2007

Yesterday my dad asked me why I don't post anymore. I blame World of Warcraft. Blizzard recently released an expansion called The Burning Crusade, which raises the level cap to 70 and opens up a new continent to play on. But before I could do much in Outland, I had to finish grinding Timbermaw Reputation to get my Defender of the Timbermaw trinket. The trinket is totally not worth all of the effort you have to put in to get it except that it's such a long process that I haven't seen a whole lot of people who have them.
Once I got my trinket my wife and I started questing in Hellfire Peninsula on the new continent. It's a huge area with a lot of quests. There is a lot of money to be made there, so I should have my Epic Mount (finally) pretty soon. One disappointment for me is that the Uncommon (green) items you get from quests are often better than the Rare or Epic items you slaved to get before the expansion. I spent 500 gold on a Core Marksman Rifle and by level 62 I've already replaced it with a crossbow I got for killing a few big rock giants. Oh well. Overall it's pretty fun.
My Skaven army has been on hold mostly because I've been playing World of Warcraft, but partly because I'm missing a couple of parts for my last Jezzail team. I finally ordered the parts, as well as a few pieces I need for the 3000-point version of my army, so maybe once they get here I'll rediscover my motivation.
Luckily I will be able to take pictures, as my camera was nearly destroyed by my thieving dog. I found it out in the yard yesteday, covered with mud. Aside from the rubber USB covers missing, a problem with the lens cover that I was able to fix, a chewed-up USB cable, and a missing lanyard, the camera is still in fairly good condition. Our Basset Hound is the sneakiest dog I've ever seen. Every time we go out in the backyard we find socks, pens, remotes, sandals, batteries, and all manner of other junk that he spirits away without our knowledge. Last week he even stole my wallet and scattered cash, cards, and account numbers all over the yard.
I really should start work on my Warhammer Giant, but I probably won't for a while yet. He's probably the biggest project I have to do to get the Skaven up to 3000 points. Most of the other additions to the army are one-off characters or small units of specialist troops. I am somewhat worried that since I am not adding many big infantry units to the army, it will lose some of its "horde" feel, but I think the Giant, the bulked-up Plague Monk unit with Censer Bearers detachment, a Plague Priest, a Grey Seer, and 3 more Rat Ogres will be enough to intimidate the enemy. I am adding another unit of slaves as well, so that will fill out the numbers a little. I think once all of that is done I'll definitely be ready for a change from painting brown fur.
The Pirate Tavern project is on hold at the moment. I still have not picked up any sand or any washers to base the remainder of my miniatures on. I also have not acquired any new minis to fill out the roster I have in mind.

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