24 January 2007

I had a bit of a World of Warcraft burnout today and didn't really feel like playing at all. I think it has to do with the fact that it's the part of the week during which my wife and I work opposite schedules and don't ever see each other. I was having a good time and leveling pretty fast when we played together this past weekend, but playing alone seems to go very slowly. I'm also to the point where it's about time to transition to the next area, but I still have a lot of quests in Hellfire Peninsula. Anyway, I didn't feel like playing World of Warcraft today.
Instead, I reworked my Skaven army list and wrote it all up the way I've been meaning to for the last little while, implementing all of the changes that I've been thinking about. Not a lot changes in the list, but I'll end up having to paint two or three extra models for the 2000-point list. I also made lists of miniatures I still have to purchase for the army and miniatures I still need to assemble/paint for the army. And I even stuck all of these lists in sheet protectors in my binder. It helps that my package from Games Workshop arrived today, containing the Jezzail shield and cavalry base I needed as well as some Plague Monks and Censer Bearers I need for the 3000-point list. With all of the parts here, I should have a little more motivation to push through and finish this up. One of the guys in the Boisewarhammer Yahoo! Group said he's giving me another week or two before he issues a challenge to my army. We'll see if I'm ready by then. I don't plan on playing unless every model in my army is painted.
I'll probably rework my Orcs and Goblins list tonight after work. It needs some help, and I'm still trying to decide if I want to go with the Savage Orcs theme or stick to regular Orcs.
I'm pretty excited for the George Strait concert coming up this Friday. It should be good. I'm still not sure if my mom or my dad is going to go with me. I tried calling them today, but the phone was busy.
And my wife told me that for Valentine's Day she's taking me to see WWE: Raw when it comes to Boise in February. I'm not way into wrestling and I don't watch it every week or anything, but we've gone to the last couple of WWE events in Boise and it's always extremely entertaining. Last time the WWE was in town we took my sister and brother-in-law. They weren't sure if they would like it, but they had a great time. If you get into the show with all of the rivalries and good guy/bad guy moments, it's a fun thing to go to.

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