30 January 2007

I have been doing an amazing job lately of making lots of plans while performing no actual work on my miniatures. At least before I had the excuse that I didn't want to work on my Skaven until I had all of the parts for my last Jezzail Team. Well, the parts have been here for a week and I have done absolutely nothing with them except put a couple bitz on my desk and put the box with the rest of the parts in a precarious position on top of my parts cabinet. Oh, and sometimes when I'm in that corner of the house lighting the pellet stove I blow the dust off of the Pirates and Skaven sitting on my desk.
Today I went to Hobbytown and priced out every item I'll need for the 3000-point incarnations of my Skaven and my Orcs and Goblins. Then I came home and made my purchasing plan based on our current spending money schedule. According to the schedule, which will be out of date by next week, I'll finish buying Skaven sometime near the end of March and the Orcs and Goblins will hopefully be purchased and painted by the end of the year. Of course, with all the variables (i.e. me not painting anything for months at a time) it could be 2009 before either army is finished. But at least I have a plan all written out on a piece of paper that I can put in a sheet protector in my binder.
In all of the time I've spent waffling about the Warp-Lightning Cannon and Jezzail team I could have painted them, a unit of Clanrat slaves, and probably made a lot of progress on the Giant. I realize this, but it doesn't bring me any closer to actually doing it. Sort of like the realization that in all of the time I waste on the internet every day, I could clean the house and shed out, sell my comics and use the money to buy a rifle I've been wanting for a couple of years, rearrange the furniture, and start a workout program to reach my goal of a 300 score on an Army PT test.
I think the reason I'm posting this is because in the past my blog has motivated me to do the things I post about. I suppose I feel accountable to make actual progress in my life so I can write about it here. Tomorrow I'm going to make some sort of progress on the Warp-Lightning Cannon crew and the Jezzail team. And I'll post about it here after work. It would be nice to have my army ready for a game when someone on the Boisewarhammer Yahoo! Group gets around to challenging me. I should probably also have one or two reads through the rulebook, as a lot of it is still pretty fuzzy to me.
To recap, my mini-goal for tomorrow is to do some sort of work on my cannon crew and Jezzail team and then post about it here.

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