31 January 2007

Well, I had to stay up extra late to do it, but the Jezzail Team is completely finished aside from painting and flocking the base. I made a little progress of the Warp-Lightning Cannon crew, but they are a somewhat more complicated project and I'll need some time to get them finished. I am reluctant to think about the fact that my new 2000-point army list requires me to purchase two more Poisoned Wind Globadiers and paint three more Poisoned Wind Globadiers. I am considering eliminating two of them from the list by giving my Stormvermin back their shields, but I still haven't decided if I want to do that. I probably won't, as I like the idea of the Stormvermin fighting with the halberds they're modeled with. So I'll just have to buck up and paint three more miniatures for my army.
I also managed to stick my hobby knife halfway through the pad of my thumb today. I was surprised at how much a small wound like that could bleed. As I was trying to run the wound under some water and open a Band-Aid with my other hand and teeth I wished that someone would invent a Band-Aid that you could easily open and apply with one hand.

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