06 January 2007

I've been planning on posting for a while now, but I always find something else to do before I get around to it.
We had our PT test today. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but at least I passed. I'm pretty sure that the two mile run was a little more than two miles. There were a lot of people who didn't pass the run portion, and my time was something like 16:05, when I've never run two miles slower than 13:36 or something like that. I started getting suspicious when we got to the halfway point and the timer there was calling out that 8 1/2 minutes had gone by. I think they just took someone's truck out and drove until the trip meter clicked over to one mile and called that the halfway point, and I'm pretty sure that person's trip meter was a little bit off. Hopefully next time we do the PT test on a track.
I haven't taken a lot of time to work on miniatures lately. I blocked out the main color on the Warp-Lightning Cannon, but it's been sitting untouched for several days now. Last night I was looking at it from a few feet away, and I could probably get by with slapping a couple of ink washes on it and painting up the crew really fast. But I think I'd like to put a little more time than that into it. To work on it I'll need a pretty solid chunk of time during which I can put my full attention on it. I don't think I'll finish it otherwise. I also edited my Skaven army list a little bit. I did a lot of experimental changes, but nothing really good came out of it, so the only actual changes I made were to cut out the Stormvermin's shields and add two more Poisoned Wind Globadiers.
I also came up with the extra list to bring the army to 3000 points. I beefed up my Plague Monk unit by quite a bit, adding four models as well as a Plague Priest with Flail and Liber Bubonicus. I also added a unit of Plague Censer Bearers, another Poisoned Wind Globadier, 3 more Rat Ogres, a Grey Seer, one more Night Runner, and 2 more Jezzail Teams. This is in addition to the Giant and 20 Clanrat Slaves that I added to make the army 2250 points. My only worry with this list is that for a horde army there aren't a whole lot of models in this 1000 points. But I think that my opponent will have enough worries when I roll out 5 total Rat Ogres, a Giant, and more magic than you can shake a stick at. If I ever go absolutely hog-wild and add another 1000 points to the list, I'll probably add a bunch of Clanrats and Slaves bolstered by some of the cheaper Heroes.
I toyed around a little with the idea of cutting the Savage orcs out of my Orcs and Goblins army and using regular Orc models instead. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, the plastic regular Orcs are a lot cheaper. Two, they are more poseable. I think the Savage Orcs only come in four different poses. The plastic Orcs can be posed however you want. It's still up in the air, but switching to the regular Orcs would change my list a lot, as I would probably switch all of the Savage Orc characters, the regular Savage Orcs, and the Savage orc Boar Boyz to regular Orcs, and that would open up a lot of points to spend on something else as well as change the entire look of the army. I like the stone weapons and animal furs look a lot better than the heavily armored green guys look.
The thing that has been taking up huge amounts of my time lately is World of Warcraft. I've been trying to decide what to do with my character. So far I've come up with a few items and skills that I want for him and I've been grinding for those almost nonstop. There is a tribe of bear-looking things called the Timbermaw. If you kill enough of their enemies you can get a trinket that summons a Timbermaw to fight for you. Unfortunately, you have to kill about 3 million of the enemies to get the item. I've also been working on my fishing skill in the hopes of winning the weekly fishing contest, as well as because it's the only skill I don't have maxed out. And, now that they've released the preview of some of the level 70 PvP gear on the World of Warcraft website I'll probably go back to grinding for PvP armor once I get the trinkets and whatnot that I want. And the expansion is something like ten days away now, at which point I will have to start grinding to get my Hunter to level 70. I also may start a Dranei Priest. I'm not sure. Just in case, I flew around the game world today and bought every vendor-available Jewelcrafting recipe, so I wouldn't have to wait in line to buy them when the expansion hits. I'll just be able to mail them to my Priest when the time comes to start it.
I wrote a huge list of things I want to do this year. So far I haven't really done much of anything, though. I guess that's sort of par for the course when it comes to New Year's resolutions.

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