27 January 2007

George Strait Concert

My dad and I went to the George Strait concert tonight. We weren't sure if we'd be able to get two seats together, as our tickets were for seats across the arena from each other. After looking around for a while we were able to find some seats with a good view of the stage and the big video screens.
The opening act was Taylor Swift. She appears to be some sort of pop-country artist who's got a hit on the charts at the moment. She was okay. The next act was Ronnie Milsap, who my dad says was big back in the day. He had some pretty good songs.
George Strait sang a lot of songs and put on a nice show. He had a good mix of his older hits and his new stuff. He played a lot of songs that I've heard on the radio at work but didn't know they were his songs. One of the best songs he did was a cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues." I had a good time and there was plenty of good music. And there wasn't a line for the upstairs bathroom, so that was nice. I probably should have brought my camera, but who really needs fuzzy pictures of a guy in a cowboy hat 200 feet away? It's not like I was close enough to get his flop sweat on me or something. It was a good time.

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