27 November 2006

Yay! Car Trouble!

We went over to the family farm again on Friday for the birthday party. I also had to change the brakes on my wife's car. Unfortunately I found a leak on the driver's side, so I had to go back out there on Saturday after work and change out the caliper. It was pretty sweet. I guess I should be glad we didn't wreck and die in a fiery crash. And at least I have a general idea about how to do the brakes on a car now, as this was the first time I'd done it.
I got some good birthday presents. My wife got me a Denver Broncos jacket. My sister got me seven blisters of Reaper Miniatures' undead pirates for my Razig's Revenge army. My mom got me a box of Warhammer Forest Goblin Spider Riders for my Orcs and Goblins army. And I got a bunch of candy as well.
I also found out that the Reaper website has a wish list feature that allows you to load up your wish list and e-mail it to other people. The Warhammer site has one as well, so now it should be easy to make lists for birthdays and Christmas. The interweb has sure made my life a lot easier.
I finally wrote out a 3000-point Orcs and Goblins army list. I still have to write up the additions to my Skaven army that will take it to 2250 points and then to 3000 points. I'm not sure if I should add a Grey Seer or use those points on another big block of infantry. I'll have to think about it some more. I did start painting up my last unit of Clanrats for the 2000-point army. I hope to make a lot of progress on them tomorrow while my wife is at work.
It doesn't look like the '51 Ford project is going to go anywhere, as it needs a little too much money put into it for my budget. I was pretty down about it for a little while, but I have a new top-secret project in mind that should be a little more within my means. It'll be a little while before I have some money saved up to get it going, though.
The mouse in our kitchen has been making a mockery of the mousetraps we set out, eating the peanut butter off of them every night. Today we went out and got some glue traps, so maybe it won't have such an easy time bypassing those. My wife is to the point where she won't even go into the kitchen anymore, so this mouse is affecting my ability to obtain home-cooked meals and thus s/he has to go.
This week's Fantasy Football was a little more exciting than most weeks, as every one of my games came down to the wire during tonight's Seattle-Green Bay game. I could easily have gone 4-0 or o-4 for the week, but I ended up getting about half of the breaks to go my way and had a 2-2 record for the week, bringing me to 29-19 (10-2 1st/14; 8-4 3rd/10; 6-6 10th/16; 5-7 8th/10) for the year. With two weeks left before the playoffs, I've got two teams that should make it in, one team that could make it in if I at least win one more game, and a team that may be out entirely but could potentially slip in if it wins both games and the teams above it lose some games. My Fantasy Basketball teams are doing okay, but with the football season in full swing I've mostly just been setting the rosters at the start of the week and checking in on them at the end of the week.

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