15 November 2006

I was going to work on my Warlock Engineer today as I only have about 20 more minutes of painting to do on him, but I got lazy and didn't finish him up. Maybe I will do it tomorrow. I am actually progressing at a fairly rapid rate on my Skaven army and it shouldn;t take too much to get it done by the end of the year. Once the Engineer is finished, I only have to paint 5 Warplock Jezzails, the Warp-Lightning Cannon, a unit of Slaves, and one more unit of Clanrats. The Clanrats and Slaves should paint up pretty fast, as I already have a fairly set color scheme for them. The Jezzail teams shouldn't take too long, as they are just Clanrats with guns. The Cannon worries me, as it is difficult to assemble. The parts don't really match up all that well, and I don't want to have to sculpt huge areas out of green stuff.

I was going to build a Dwarf army next, but Dwarfs are mostly just beards and metal. It doesn't really sound like a fun army to paint, so I've been thinking about doing an Orcs & Goblins army instead. There seems to be a lot more variety as far as units, and the fluff has lots of room for different color schemes and whatnot. It is quite possible to do an Orc & Goblin army list and not have any of the units be the same. They also have a Warboss box set, which allows you to build your army general however you want him, while the Dwarfs only have two or three solid sculpts to choose from.

My dad knows that I'm interested in his '51 Ford truck, but as of yet we haven't talked about it. I will probably make some sort of formal proposition when we go over to the farm for Thanksgiving. Or at least discuss it a little. The project would probably take several years, both due to time and money issues. I'm not entirely sure what level I would want to clean it up to, but it would be awesome to go all-out on it. Maybe I wouldn't take it to the point where I was only putting original parts into it, but to the point where it would be a clean, convincing-looking old truck. I wouldn't want to lower it or make a street rod out of it, but I wuldn't be opposed to putting a modern stereo in or working with the interior a little. I think there's a lot I could do while I save up some money for the project, like go through and inventory what's there, what needs work, and then taking things apart and cleaning them up. It's an exciting project to think about, and I think that if I got a good start to it I'd be able to see it through and have a very good-looking truck in 3-5 years. I'd also have a lot of learning experiences, however good or bad those may be.

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  1. Hello Chris,
    You have some nice photos of Fords. Please allow me to tell you about one that I used to own.

    It was a 1951 F-1 pickup, like the red one in your photos. And, unlike the green one with the dark fenders, which is actually a 1952. You can tell the difference by the disk in the hood trim and the letters F-O-R-D on the front just below the hood. Subtle difference but enormous when compared to the distinctions between 1948, 1949 and 1950. They are almost identical, except for some red paint that appeared in the trim on one year or another. But, I digress.

    On my blog, I have a photo of my truck and some engineering details about its unique clutch linkage. Please take a look.

    In an interesting coincidence, I sold my truck a few years ago to a man who lives in a semi-fortified compound near Emmett, Idaho.