23 November 2006

I Am Now the Proud Owner of a Butterball Turkey, At No Cost to Me.

The other day my boss handed me an envelope which contained a coupon good for a Butterball turkey of up to $15 in value. I mentioned it to my wife in passing and she finally made me dig the coupon out of my car and exchange it for a turkey. So now we have a turkey.
We also have a mouse loose in the house. We had one earlier in the year and were able to trap it. I set out the mousetraps tonight and hopefully by morning we will no longer have it rustling around under the fridge. I keep hoping it will find it's way into the snake's cage and solve two problems at once. I have my doubts that this will happen, though.
I worked on my unit of Slaves a little more today. They are almost done, but I didn't quite have the stamina to push through and finish them up. I think part of my reluctance to finish them is that I have relatively few options to choose from for my next unit to paint. I could do the Clanrats, but they are a big unit that will be quite mind-numbing to work through. I could do the Jezzail teams, but they are awfully fiddly. Just their gun barrels look like a nightmare with all sorts of runes and whatnot that I'll have to figure out. I also want to wait until I have the fifth team assembled and based, but to do that I need one more cavalry base and I'm too cheap to spend $5 on a whole bag of bases when I only need one. Or I could paint the Warp-Lightning Cannon, which has enough issues to make me scrap it and use the 100 points on another five Jezzail teams or a couple big units of Slaves, or even 5 more Globadiers. I think I may paint up a pirate or two to break the monotony of the Skaven army.
I never really know what to do when someone posts a comment on my blog. It would appear that I am just as awkward in internet society as I am in face-to-face society. I feel a need to acknowledge and respond in kind to people's comments, but I feel somewhat incapable of doing so. So, if you have posted a comment on my blog and I have not given you an adequate response, I did read your comment and appreciate the feedback, but I may think that I have nothing of real value to respond with. And no, I don't have anything against people named Greg. I just think that the idea of an elf named Gregolas is hilarious.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    No offense taken (I actually thought it was funny). If I still lived in Spokane, I would try to come down and play a game with you.