21 November 2006

Deep Thought of the Day

Today I was thinking about naming game characters and I thought it would be funny if your name was Greg and you made an elf named Gregolas. I've been chuckling about it for a good ten minutes now with no signs of it slowing up.
I had an okay week in Fantasy Football. Two of my teams are doing very well, and two of my teams are doing horribly, including one that has lost five games in a row, dropping it from 5-1 to 5-6. I had a 2-2 record for the week, bringing me to 27-17 overall. My teams are 9-2 (1st/14), 8-3 (1st/10), 5-6 (12th/16), 5-6 (6th/10). One team is guaranteed a playoff spot, another should make it in with one more win, and the other two are 4 spots and 2 spots out of the playoffs right now.
I found another Ford Truck forum, but it's all about Hot Rods and Lowriders, which is not my bag, so I probably won't spend much time there. I found a few nice pictures of a red and black '51, but the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum is down at the moments and I can't access the pictures.
I started on a unit of Clanrat Slaves, but I got distracted by some house and yard projects and they've been sitting on my desk for a couple of days now with no progress made. I may do some work on them this afternoon or evening.

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  1. HEY NOW! You laughing at me?????

    heheheh - I do admit to making an EQ character named Gregorino, a halfling no less...


    p.s. Google Earth is neat-o