29 November 2006

The Orc and Gobbo List Will Have to Wait

I am too tired tonight to post the Orc and Goblin list. I can talk about the concept of the army a little, though. The army is based around Savage Orcs, as I think their more primitive weapons look better and I want to mess around with the concept of warpaint. Their barbarian tribe vibe also seems to work well with the idea of shamanistic magic and the loose Native-American theme of the Forest Goblin Spider Riders. In addition, I added a bunch of models I think will be fun to paint, such as a unit of Squig Hoppers led by a Great Cave Squig-riding Night Goblin Warboss who is a huge waste of points especially when you figure in the random movement of his mount. But how could I pass up on the opportunity to mount an insane Goblin on a wildly-bouncing mount wielding such fearsome armaments as Porko's Pigstikka and the Spiteful Shield? At the very least it will be a fun army to model and paint. Anything aside from that will just be extra.
I did write up a couple of 1500-point Warlord armies, one for the Razig's Revenge faction and one for the Necropolis faction. As soon as my Crusaders army book arrives in the mail I will write up a list for them as well. I'm not sure when I'll get around to purchasing and painting those armies, though. My current priorities are:
  1. Finishing the Skaven army to the 2000-point level, as well as painting the Giant and perhaps a Unit of Clanrat Slaves to bring the list to 2250.
  2. Building a Pirate Tavern for use with the Blood and Swash rules. I need to paint about 8 more pirates, a barkeeper and some serving wenches, some of the local Town Guard, and maybe a civilian or two (perhaps the Governer's Daughter, a crochety old man, and some sort of Frenchman who feels the need to duel everyone). Hopefully I can use these props to run a tavern brawl for my wife, sister, and brother-in-law. My little brother could also be included, as well as any other family who wishes to try it out.
  3. Orcs and Goblins
  4. Maybe Warlord armies, maybe skirmish-level WWII Eastern Front in Micro Armour scale, maybe completing my 40K Witch Hunter army. I do have a 40K Ork list written up, but I don't think I'll get around to it. If I do another 40K list it will probably be an all-infantry Space Marine force. I'd also like to pick up a Foundry Pirate Horde and really have a lot of pirates to choose from when running tavern brawls. I suppose I'd also need to pick up a lot of various townsfolk and other bar patrons.

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