25 May 2009

More Painting

I was supposed to go to my cousin's house today to paint figures or play a game, but I never heard back from him and stayed home to paint instead. I got a fair amount of stuff done, although there is still plenty to do on my Assault Marines and Scouts. There are a couple of WIP shots below. I may stop by the game night at Hobbytown tomorrow and either drum up a game with what I've got or observe. I'm not sure what color to paint the shoulder pads on my Scouts. Green and brown are the obvious choices, but neither one seems right. The Scout with the Heavy Bolter was a pain to put together. The fiddly little arm bits just didn't want to go together like I wanted them to. I nearly got glue everywhere, but finally got it all lined up the way I wanted. The Scouts will give me chance to work on painting human faces and arms rapidly in preparation for painting a hundred Imperial Guardsmen. I think the silver on the Assault Marines' jetpack straps needs to be a different color. As it is there is just too much silver on the front of them.