23 May 2009

Hobbytown had their annual Customer Appreciation sale last night. I got a couple of things I didn't have yet. While I was in the store I saw a guy and his wife in the Warhammer aisle and I said to myself, "That sure looks a lot like my cousin and his wife." So I said hi and sure enough, it was my cousin and his wife. I knew from Facebook that he was a 40k player, but we'd never really discussed it before. We may hang out sometime and play a game or assemble some figures. I helped convince him to get the Stormlord Super-Heavy (it has a transport capacity of 40 and a Heavy 15 gun!). A few of the employees and former employees of Hobbytown joined the discussion at various times and I think my cousin is part of their general wargaming/friend circle, so I may actually be forced to play games and interact with people rather than sitting at my desk thinking about it. Hobbytown is also opening a store in the town we plan on moving to, so that works out. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get my fix as often once we moved, but they have anticipated my needs and reacted accordingly.

Jo-Ann Fabrics had a big sale this weekend as well. My wife got some stuff for her projects and I picked up a whole bunch of plastic organizers to use as bitz boxes for all my plastic figures. They were priced at 50% off plus an additional 10% off the sale price with a coupon, so they came out at 55% off overall. Now when I need a right arm I can just dig around in the appropriate box rather than open several different cartons trying to find a sprue with a right arm on it. I also briefly considered getting an Ott Lite as they were on sale too, but we decided to wait until we buy a house and have a dedicated space for everything. Jo-Ann has them on sale several times a year, so we can afford to wait.

I've slapped a little more paint on my Assault Marines and Scouts. It would be nice to have them mostly finished by the end of the week, but the usual commitments may prevent it from happening. We'll see.

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