16 May 2009

Finally Finished

I'm finally done with school for this semester. I got three As and one grade that isn't posted yet. It will be either a C or a D. I'm really hopping it's a C, but with the way the final went I'm not sure things will work out that way. I just have to wait and see. My motivation for school really dropped off after Spring Break. Prior to that I was on a pretty decent schedule as far as getting my work done and setting aside time for everything. Spring Break messed up my routine and I never really got back on track. I definitely won't be going full-time next year. Four classes was too many. Some people can juggle that much stuff, but I'm not one of them.

Now I get to make plans for the summer. It would be nice to get some sleep and move into a bigger house. We have an offer in on one house, but we haven't heard anything back yet. Next on my list of things to do this summer is paint some figures. I have got plenty of them sitting around waiting for paint. I'm going to dig into the new Imperial Guard codex soon and build an army list. I've had some fun with the Cadian command box, mixing and matching parts to make a couple of the optional Regimental Advisors and characters. I didn't fancy buying Games Workshop's three-figure set for those dudes when I could build an Officer of the Fleet, a Master of Ordnance, a Commissar, a heavy weapons guy, and a standard bearer for about the same price and with a bunch of parts and heavy weapons left over. And my special characters will look different from everyone else's special characters, which is a bonus. After having a look at the new Cadian command box and the new Catachan command box I think the Cadians got the better end of the deal. All of their legs and torsos are separate, while three of the five Catachan figures have legs and torsos modelled as one sculpt. Another bonus for the Cadians is that there were a couple of extra torsos. I think there are more variant heads and arms, too. The Catachans have neater-looking backpacks, though. I'm planning on taking all of the parts from both Cadian and Catachan sprues and throwing them in a big tub so my Imperial Guard soldiers can be a fully customized mix-and-match force. It should be fun to put together.

Ben got a new cousin today. My sister had her son. Apparently it was a pretty laborious (ha!) process, but they're both doing fine.

Other than that, not much is going on.

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