26 May 2009

I went to gaming night at Hobbytown tonight and I was able to get into a game. It was a 2-on-2 battle with Orks and Tyranids facing my Space Marines and some Eldar. Since I only had 750 point of Marines, my partner had to come up with a lot of extra points for his Eldar. That was no good for him as he had to pretty much field everything he had, even less-than-desirable choices. We lost pretty heavily. My Marines were particularly ineffective. My Assault Squad and Razorback were destroyed by shooting in the first turn. My missile launcher couldn't crack open the Ork Battlewagons, and my Scouts couldn't hit anything. My Captain and his squad made it out of the Razorback alive and assaulted a Battlewagon. I think we played the meltabombs rule incorrectly, but I don't know for sure. I think the assault should have busted the Battlewagon open, but either way that squad was pretty well wiped out soon after that. My squad with an attached flamer was able to kill quite a few Tyranids and my lone surviving Marine at the end of the game took out a Stormboy, but overall it was a very poor showing from my army. At least I've got my first game out of the way now. I may go back once I've got my Land Raider put together. That will stand a chance of getting into combat with some Terminators. I'll probably need to take some more troops capable of defeating armor also. My Marines would have been much more effective if the Orks had been knocked out of their Trukks and Battlewagons earlier.

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