28 May 2009

I've been going over the game from last night and came up with a few conclusions. The first is that I was wasting my time setting up on the Ork side of the board. The Ork player had too many points available to make his vehicles unkillable for anything I could fit into my 750-point force. I should have let my Eldar ally set up across from the Orks and used my Marines against the Tyranids, as my weapons were geared toward killiing Horde armies. I'm pretty sure the vehicle assaults weren't played by the rules. I think the Ork player in general was a bit dodgy when it came to anything involving his units. I am working on a new army list with some more in the way of armor-killing ability and hopefully the ability to stay on the table for a little longer. I t looks like I need to pick up another Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer for a Terminator.

On the Imperial Guard side of things, I am thinking about the fluff of my army. There will be at least one Veteran or Storm Troopers unit. I want to mount them in a Valkyrie and give them Grav Chutes from Forge World. I would also like to field a Drop Sentinel or three to go along with them as sort of an airborne initial wave for my army. According to the description, the Drop Sentinel is a Sentinel that has been altered so it can fit in and be dropped by a Valkyrie. The 40k rules don't allow for this, but I can make them Scout Sentinels and give them an early move before the game starts, simulating that they have been dropped forward of the front line. Probably not a strong option rule-wise, but I am not much of a power-gamer anyway.

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