29 July 2008

Well, I took my bike out into the streets today. It went fairly well. I did kill it at one stop light (starting out in third gear will do that) but the line of people in the cars behind me was either entertained or sympathetic to my situation (maybe because of all my sweet riding gear they thought I was a legitimate motorcyclist having legitimate mechanical problems, heh) and I was able to get onto a side street and collect my shattered ego enough to carry on and ride all the way to my place of employment and back home again. The only other real problem I had was leaving my turn signal on for a while. This bike is definitely heavier than the STAR course's bike; that takes some getting used to when I'm making turns. I can't just throw it over. And I'm kind of slow when moving out from a stop. I don't think the people behind me appreciate that much, but I'm still figuring out the throttle and clutch on this bike and don't really want to kill it or dump it over or rear-end the person in front of me because I'm eager to get up and go. Anyway, it was a pretty good experience for me. I never made it into the parking lot to practice my riding. I was feeling okay on the road so I just kept going.

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