10 July 2008

So far the Liquitex gesso hasn't worked out too well. When I got home from work the Savage Orcs had pinholes all over the primer coat, and the faces were very obscured. I thought that the pinholes may have come from shaking the bottle too much and getting air bubbles in the gesso, and the gesso may have been spread a bit too thick on the faces. So I tried it again, making sure that there weren't any air bubbles in the gesso and taking more time to spread it out. It looked a little better, but there were still pinholes in the finish. And rather than pulling tight against the metal in some areas it tended to stretch out between the details like a webbing. I'll still have to try working with it, but so far I've had three batches of miniatures in the Simple Green. At least the gesso scrubs off a lot easier than primer. Not sure how it works on plastic figures. I may just have to relent and go back to the spraycan.

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