07 July 2008

We didn't do much this weekend, a conscious decision on our part. We took the dogs to the river for a little while and Annie chased a stick in the water while Buddy sniffed the shoreline. On Saturday I washed and waxed my motorcycle. My youngest sister and her husband had a few fireworks for our niece to watch, so we did that with them.

My oldest sister and her husband stopped by to borrow something and I took the opportunity to force them to look at my motorcycle. I still haven't ridden it; I think I'll probably wait until the end of the month when I've taken my safety and riding course. It sucks to wait, but I already made the beginner mistake of buying a literbike instead of something reasonable in the 250-500cc range. I probably shouldn't make another one by jumping on the beast and trying to teach myself how to ride it.

Today we had church and gave Buddy a bath. He's had some eye and ear problems so we've been applying various ointments and attempting to get him feeling well. So far it's working quite well. His eyes haven't been nearly as goopy as they used to be and his ears don't seem to be hurting him anymore.

I tried out the gesso primer on the crews of my Snotling Pump Wagon and Goblin Spear Chukka. I'm not very impressed with it. It fills in too many details and anywhere that has recessed details has a good chance of forming big cracks as the gesso tightens around it. I could try thinning it some more, but that supposedly weakens the polymer bonds and makes it practically useless as primer. I'll have to do some more reading. I'll probably wind up dumping this lot of figures in some Simple Green and try to find another priming solution. At least I was smart enough to try it on a small sample of figures this time.

I may finally be done with World of Warcraft for good. It hasn't been much fun for a while now, although I still persisted in playing it out of habit. I thought maybe joining that guild would be a good way to spark myself into enjoying the game more but my odd hours and antisocial nature kept me from really interacting with any of them, and on the few occasions that I joined up with them to play I found myself frustrated and making excuses to log off. I'm just not a very social animal. Anyway, that's $15/month I can put toward my truck and motorcycle.


  1. ...there was a good article in this months "Battlegames" magazine by a guy who uses 80% Johnsons Klear/Floor Wax, with 10% black, and 10% brown inks.... he uses it throughout the paint job as a kind of magic wash, but he was also saying that it makes an ideal primer...

    ...next time I'm out shopping I was going to have a look for some to have a try, but might be worth thinking about??? Should at least be pretty cheap! ;o)

  2. What brand of primer? All my minis have been primed with liquitex. No cracking, no void filling.

    Check out http://www.weetoysoldiers.com/wp/?p=310

    For the definitive look at gesso primer.

    also, my website http://tyler.provick.ca for painted miniatures primed with gesso. Everything Heavy Gear, Starship Troopers, all historicals except WWII, most fantasy were gesso primed.

  3. I used Bob Ross brand gesso; I'll have to see if I can find the Liquitex brand locally.

    I haven't picked up any issues of Battlegames recently. I think I'm still only on issue five or six as the exchange rate pushes the cover price a bit into the "occasional luxury" category for me.