03 April 2007

This weekend my promotion to Sergeant was made official. I also signed the papers to transfer me back to my original unit, so I never actually had to leave the unit. This weekend we did some testing on various skills, and I was assigned a team to take care of and make sure they all got through the tests in an expedient manner. We all got through our tests, so I guess I earned my E-5 pay this time around.
My wife had the day off today, so we spent the day together. We had originally planned to go fishing today, but the fishing reports for the reservoir said that fishing hasn't been good recently, so we opted not to go.
We did stop at the hobby shop to see the results of the painting contest. I'm pleased to report that I won, and got the free miniature for this month's contest. The contest for this month requires entrants to paint a Legionnaire miniature. The free mini they gave me is this Black Legionnaire with a crossbow. It's not the most dynamic figure on earth, but I'm sure I can do something with it. I also picked up this Dwarf Barbarian because it's a cool sculpt. There's something neat about a short person wielding twin maces.
We saw a couple of good Will Ferrell movies as well. The first was Stranger than Fiction, which was a pretty good film, and it's out on DVD.
The second movie, Blades of Glory, is out in theatres and also stars Jon Heder. Ferrell and Heder play rival figure skaters who are banned from singles competition and have to team up to regain their former glory. It was a pretty funny show.

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