13 April 2007

I took my miniature for this month's painting contest to the store today. The shop owner liked the spikes on the base. I asked him what sort of gaming goes on in the shop, and he told me that the games played there are Dungeons and Dragons, Warmachine/Hordes, and the Star Wars CMG. None of that really appeals to me, so I'll probably just keep entering the painting contests as long as they keep holding them. I picked up a miniature while I was there today. It's one of the barbarian-types, Lars Ragnarson. I had to get out the pliers, as his axe was bent all the way around his head. The axe handle straightened out pretty well.
Today I looked at my shelf of "ready-to-paint" miniatures, the pile of bare-metal figures scattered around my desk, the partially-painted unit of Battle Nuns on my desk, the boxes of unassembled figures scattered everywhere and I came to a conclusion. I have a large pile of unpainted lead (and plastic). I am hesitant to count it, but it's probably in the 200-figure range. At my current rate of two to three figures a month, that's like 6 years of painting. I think I need to paint up a couple of Clanrat units or something to make myself feel better. Actually, if I could just get through these dangblasted Battle Nuns I'd probably explode into tears of joy.

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  1. Only 6 Years?

    You'd best get out there and buy more! You're falling behind!