23 April 2007

My wife spent a good portion of her weekend cleaning up the kitchen, so I figured that I should spend a portion of my weekend cleaning something as well. I cleared out my hobby area and boxed up all my miniature projects aside from the last few Skaven I've got to paint. I also cleaned out a bunch of stuff from the "back room," which is where stuff we don't know what to do with goes to die. At some point I'll be taking my big box of action figures to donate to a second-hand store, where hopefully they will be purchased and put to a better use than sitting on my bookshelf. There is still a lot to do, but I feel better about doing something. A big step would be to get the shed cleaned out and move the weight bench out there. Then the computers and hobby stuff (my miniatures and my wife's crocheting/knitting) could be moved into the small room and the "back room" could be converted back to the bedroom.
I also signed up for a couple of college classes in the Fall Semester, so hopefully I'll be able to further my education in some form and advance toward a degree of one form or another.
And as an update on the Reaper Warlord rants, it appears that no answer is forthcoming to my question about ordering individual sculpts from the army packs. I'll give it a few more days and perhaps repose the question, but for now my Warlord stuff is packed up and ready to be abandoned.
With the recent price increases on Games Workshop figures, I thought about why I am angry about Reaper's change and indifferent about the GW changes.
I think it's because the relative cost of an entire army doesn't change that much on the GW side of things. Most of their price changes target the blister packs and individual characters, which really only bumps the price of an army up by a couple of percentage points, as you only need a few such figures for the average army. The bulk of a Warhammer army is made up of boxed regiments, and so far the prices on those don't seem to be rising.
Reaper's changes essentially double the cost of an army at Warlord's typical point level (1500 points). There are ways around paying that much, but the results are still either a lot more expensive than they used to be, armies made up of one sculpt repeated many times, or a combination of the two. A casual player or army builder has no real option to get around the extra costs.

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