11 April 2007

I've finished my contest miniature up, and will probably be taking him to the shop at some point during this week. The pics may have some glare on them as some spots on the dullcoat are still wet. I left a gloss finish on the metal parts of the model, but brushed dullcoat over the gloss on the cloth and wood. Since this miniature is in a rather boring pose, I spruced up the base a bit to suggest that he's standing behind some field fortifications waiting for a battle to start. I modeled the outward-pointing stakes after the ones in the last photo I've posted.

I hope my model does well in the contest, as there is going to be a drawing in June for Reaper's Deathsleet dragon model. Each contest entry is good for one entry in the drawing, and each contest victory gets an extra entry in the drawing, as well as a free miniature for the next contest. Nothing gets me going like a chance at free stuff.

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