20 April 2007

I've fallen way behind on everything, it seems. A lot of it seems to stem from my general inability to wake up in the morning (actually closer to early afternoon) when my alarm goes off. I think my slackened energy level may have something to do with my diet, as I have been eating almost solely straight-up junk for a while now. The obvious answer is to start eating better and get some exercise. It's easier to sit here on the couch and think about it than it is to actually do it.
I slapped some dullcoat on the Battle Nuns tonight, so the metal is shiny and the cloth is less so. I'll hopefully snap up a few minutes tomorrow and flock the bases so I can post a few photos here and be done with them.
From there, I'd like to get my unit of Clanrat Slaves assembled and primed, hopefully in time to get a good basecoat on them by the end of Monday. It will more than likely take a bit longer than that, but it's good to set goals. I've found my focus wandering, and I think my production has suffered because of it. When I had a firm goal to get my 2000 points of Skaven done it seemed like I had a lot of motivation for the project and got stuff done without it feeling forced. The same sort of feeling applies for the contest minis I've done recently. At the moment I've got minis from 3 or 5 different projects on my desk and armies planned out for another handful of games, and I don't really see an end in sight for any of it. The short version of all of that is that I need to get some more focus in my hobby time. And hopefully with the drama of the Fantasy Basketball playoffs behind me I'll have more time to devote to the rest of my life.

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