19 April 2007

The Fantasy Basketball Season is Over...

The NBA season ended yesterday, and so did the Fantasy Basketball playoffs. I did extremely well this year, with all four of my teams receiving little digital trophies. In my head-to-head leagues I got a 1st-place finish and a 2nd-place finish. The 2nd-place finish would have been a championship if I had played Rajon Rondo on the last day of the season instead of playing Nene Hilario. Oh well, second is still okay. In my Rotisserie leagues I had a 1st-place finish and a 3rd-place finish, and I was the only person in both of those leagues to use up my full allotment of games at every position.
The Fantasy Baseball season is well under way, and my teams need to pick up the pace. I think I'll be okay, though. I drafted well and the season is a long one.
I also am almost done with the Battle Nuns. I just need to finish up the bases and add some dullcoat to the places that shouldn't be shiny.

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