24 February 2006

Finally Assembled

I finally got tired of seeing my Standard Bearer's pieces cluttering up my desk, so today I finished cleaning flash off of the parts and assembled him. So far he looks pretty good. I opted not to go for the shield and cape, and instead used one of the Night Runner claw hands.
I think the fact that the banner is more a collection of trophies than an actual banner helps this figure to stand out from my regular line unit standard bearers. Hopefully I'll be able to paint it up nicely enough to stand beside my other command figures and characters.

1 comment:

  1. I'm also collecting a skaven army for warhammer and have so far painted a unit of 20 clanrats including standard bearer and musician fully based in a movement tray, 15 plague monks including command and another 10 clanrats. 5 of my plague monks got ruined with the snowy varnish effect but i was using games workshop purity seal so i wrote off and complained and they sent me a new boxed set.