21 February 2006

The Standard Bearer

In the absence of any real painting time, I've contented myself with assembling parts for my army's standard bearer. Since it will be an independent character without a lot of supporting cast, I wanted something unique and visually appealing that also coud go well with the rest ofmy army. Most of the parts came from a Clanrat sprue, but I borrowed a head, cape, and shield from a Night Runners sprue and a scroll from the Plague Monks. I may end up getting rid of the cape and subbing in a weapon arm, depending on how it looks. I'm thinking of perhaps using one of the "Wolverine Claw" arms from the Night Runners as a way to offset all of the Clanrat parts on him. I toyed with using more Plague Monk parts, but they just didn't match up very well. Hopefully at some point I'll get him all assembled and post a picture.

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