10 February 2006

Movement Trays

I've noticed that when I want to rank up my units, it takes forever and one wrong move can ruin the whole formation, with figures flying everywhere. I also imagine that in a game, moving your figures one at a time could be quite tedious. So I've been researching movement trays for my figures. I looked at the official Games Workshop trays, but they are all one size and it seems that if I have any units that deviate too much from that size, it won't look very good on the table. I did some research on the internet and came upon the idea of making my own bases out of sheet styrene. I bought a thick sheet of styrene and some long thin square pieces for the edges. I think I'll just make a custom base for each unit, so in this example I formed my Plague Monks up on the sheet, measured it out, cut it off, and then added edging. It looks pretty rough, so I'm going to either fill in the gaps and sand it off to make it nice and square, or I'm going to maybe sculpt around the edges for a kind of "terrain" look, rather than a square boxy look. On either case I'm going to paint and perhaps flock it. But as far as the main purpose goes, the Plague Monks fit very nicely inside and it is infinitely easier to rank them up and move them around. Each 6" x 12" sheet looks like it will make 2-3 trays, and each bag of the long thin styrene has four 14-15" pieces which should do they edging for the same number of trays. The company that makes the sheets is Evergreen Scale Models and I paid $2.49 for the sheet and $2.19 for the strips. The sheet is 2mm thick, and the edging is 4.8 mm to a side.

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