18 February 2006

Painter's Block

I was hoping to have my 30 Clanrats done by the end of February, but I don't know if I'll make it. It seems like whenever I have an opportunity to get it done, I just can't bring myself to be motivated about it. I finally sat down and assembled the last ten. So I have 20 primed and 10 unprimed. I wonder why it seems so difficult to get started on it. It doesn't help that I've developed an interest in Warhammer 40K now, so I've been researching Space Marines and Witch Hunters a little, at the expense of focusing on my Skaven.

There is good news, though. I've built movement trays for all three of my assembled units. Also, my wife got me a box of Stormvermin for Valentine's Day, so I'm a lot closer to having all the minis for my army. All I need now is 60 Clanrats, 2 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, 5 Jezzail teams, and a Warp-Lightning Cannon. That seems like a lot, but it's a lot less than I needed when I started.

Other good news is that my wife and I found a trailer that we're going to buy soon. It has a lot more room than our apartment, a six-person hot tub, a little yard for our stupid dog, and an outside lighted workshop that I can put my desk and miniatures in so that the aforementioned stupid dog can't bump my desk and send miniatures flying everywhere. I also hope to avoid having her bump my arm while I'm painting details.

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