08 March 2006

Still nothing.

Once again, I have not made any progress whatsoever on my Skaven army (or any other army, for that matter). We are moving to our new place this month, so packing and cleaning take up all the time that working, going to school, and taking care of the stupid dogs do not. I think we should have just bought another couple of snakes. Our ball python just lays around and only needs to be fed every week or so. The dogs always have to eat or chew things or poop or pee or make noise or whatever else you can think of. But enough of this tangent.

I just wanted to make a post so that the three people who read this blog will have something to read. I really want to get this army done, but I don't think I'll make my timeline. I am selling the rest of my Heroclix on eBay, so that should at least fund the rest of my Skaven list and perhaps some stuff for my Wood Elf army. Yes, a Wood Elf army. But the cool thing is that my Wood Elf army does not actually contain any elves. It is composed entirely of tree spirits (Dryads, Treeman, Tree Kin, Branchwraiths, Drycha). Basically it's all the cool parts of the elf army without the Orlando Bloom elements.

I have also snatched up the Warhammer 40k rulebook and a Space Marine codex. I am trying to decide betweem Space Marines and Witch Hunters. I know there is an option to put Space Marines in a Witch Hunter army, but it looks like it takes away your ability to use some of the other cool Witch Hunter models. I'll have to research it some more.

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